Three Maintenance Tips to Avoid Transmission Problems

The occasional transmission problem can’t be avoided but you can avoid transmission failure by taking good care of your car. In fact, there are three key ways to help keep your transmission healthy and prevent expensive repairs or transmission failure. Keeping up with these services and habits will not only help your transmission, but also the health of your car overall, meaning your car will last longer and drive better.

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Keep Up with Regular Transmission Maintenance Services

The most important factor in keeping your transmission healthy is keeping up with maintenance. Certain services, such as transmission fluid flushes, should be scheduled according to your manufacturer’s recommendation, which can be found in your owner’s manual. It’s also a good idea to keep up with maintenance habits at home like checking your engine oil and transmission fluid.

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Keep an Eye on Your Transmission Fluid

Just like with your engine oil, it’s a good idea to check on your transmission fluid from time to time, if possible. Many modern cars include dipsticks for both the engine oil and transmission fluid, so you can check the level and condition of both. Pay extra attention if your transmission fluid seems extra thick or smells burnt, since this can indicate your transmission is overheating and there could be internal damage.

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Don’t Skip Transmission Fluid Flushes

In most case a “transmission fluid change” is typically between 50,000 and 75,000 miles but in some cases such as with CVT transmission that can be much sooner. Always follow your owner’s manual interval recommendation based on your driving habits and type of transmission your vehicle is equipped with.

Have Your Car’s Cooling System Serviced

Believe it or not, your car’s cooling system also has a big impact on the health of your transmission. Your engine and transmission are closely linked and the cooling system keeps both at healthy operating temperatures. That means if your cooling system needs attention, both your engine and transmission may run into trouble and you may even run into transmission failure.

Mind Your Driving Habits

Keeping your transmission its healthiest also means paying attention to how you drive your car. A lot of your driving habits can actually cause avoidable problems with your transmission, from when and how you shift gears to where you rest your second foot. Of course, any time you notice any transmission problems, it’s a good idea to bring in your car as soon as possible to a trusted mechanic like the transmission experts at AAMCO Louisville.

Pay Attention to How and When You Shift Gears

When you back out of a parking spot, do you come to a complete stop before shifting back out of reverse? Whether you have an automatic transmission or manual transmission, you should pay attention to your habits when shifting between Drive, or any other forward-moving gear, and Reverse. This is the hardest shift for your transmission because it requires completely reversing directions. Shifting into or out of reverse while your car is still moving will cause extra wear on the parts in your transmission, meaning you may have to schedule a transmission repair sooner than you’d like.

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Keep Your Foot Off the Brake

Where do you rest your left foot while driving? If you sometimes find yourself resting that foot on the brake pedal, it’s a good idea to work on changing that habit. By resting your foot on the brakes, you may be accidentally applying pressure to your brakes while driving. This can not only cause extra wear on your brake pads and rotors, but also your transmission because it has to work just a little bit harder to keep your car moving forward.

Take Care of Your Engine

Both your engine and transmission are key to keeping your car running well and work closely with one another. If you run into engine trouble, it can cause extra wear on your transmission – and vice versa. That means you should keep up with engine maintenance not just for the health of your engine, but also to keep your transmission healthy, too. Be sure to have your air filters, spark plugs, fluids and belts replaced at prescribed intervals.  

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