5 Warning Signs of A Failing Transmission

Bad Transmission Symptoms

On a sunny afternoon morning, you prepare to head out for a road trip. Halfway there, your car starts to make a strange whining noise so you slow down. The sound goes away and you take off again when suddenly the car revs up and it kicks you back like a horse. Could you have a bad transmission? Perhaps you notice the car isn’t shifting right and your slipping between gears unexpectedly. Unless you want to be stuck without a paddle, then you should get it checked before any major signs of transmission problems show up.

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If you’re having transmission problems, you might have any of these 5 symptoms:

  • Strange Smells
  • Slipping Transmission (Delayed Reaction or Delayed Engagement)
  • Transmission Warning Light
  • Transmission Fluid Leak
  • Grinding or Odd Sounds

Strange Smells:

A transmission has its own designated fluid. It’s designed to lubricate and make sure all the gears are spinning smoothly and synchronized. After a vehicle reaches high mileage this fluid can either start to leak out or burn inside the transmission. If you see any RED fluid leaking from under your car or smell any unusual smell from under your car, then your transmission is in need of fluid service. Failure to either change the fluid may lead to blown transmission.

Transmission Slipping:

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission they both have a clutch system that will separate and engage new gears. With time this system will wear down and your transmission system will literally start to slip while changing into the next gear. Another cause of a slipping transmission is low fluid pressure which is caused by a low level of fluid, clogged filters or a bad pump. These issues will get worse over time to the point where the transmission seizes and will not engage.

Transmission Warning Light:

Most of the new cars today have sensors all over the place to make sure you don’t harm the car. Keep an eye out for any check engine lights that turn on as it could be that your transmission fluid is either running low or its burnt out causing the temperature in your transmission to rise exponentially. This will lead to it either seizing up or blowing.

Grinding or Odd Sounds:

Automatic and manual transmission both make unique sounds when they start to go bad. On an automatic transmission, you may hear humming, whining or a buzzing sound. You’ll also feel as if every gear is wobbling into place. With a manual transmission, you will hear and feel it grind into every gear. Whether you have an auto or manual transmission.

Transmission Repair You Can Trust

Our mechanics at AAMCO Louisville are highly trained, and as transmission specialists, they know your transmission inside and out. We know the differences between old and new, automatic and manual, and even make-specific issues We know what fluid you need, what filter to use, and how to install and troubleshoot everything the right way, on the first try. At the end of the day, this means you’ll get more miles out of your transmission, and fewer headaches down the road.

So whether you’re behind on service or just want to get peace of mind, call or make an online appointment today at your local AAMCO Louisville location. We’ll perform a transmission multi-point inspection and only perform the work required – if all you need is a reseal or our fluid power purge, that’s what we’ll recommend. This is one of the reasons AAMCO is the most trusted name in quality, affordable transmission services and repairs.Schedule now in our appointment form to get you on your way to a healthy transmission.

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