Hybrid Transmission Services

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Our team of Hybrid Transmission experts at AAMCO St. Matthews will provide you with excellent care and maintenance to keep your hybrid vehicle running efficiently and safely. From transmission fluid to repairs and rebuilds, we do it all to effectively maintain your vehicle.

The Best Hybrid Transmission Repair Mechanics Around

Hybrid Vehicles Have Transmissions?

Indeed! Hybrid vehicles use transmissions like traditional vehicles, with the exception of having more functions in hybrid vehicle. In Hybrid vehicles, the transmission fills three needs. To begin with, it reduces the vehicle’s speed when you step the brakes. It likewise helps with charging the battery. At long last, like a vehicle with a traditional gas motor, the hybrid transmission adjusts the power (Torque) to the wheels to move the vehicle ahead.

How do I know I need maintenance?

  • Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid — beyond recommended maintenance interval
  • Incorrect Fluid Used — Our AAMCO transmission experts know the needs and requirement of your specific vehicle
  • Overheating Transmission — Often caused by obstructed coolers or old dirty transmission fluid
  • Valve Body Wear — Can be caused by lack of fluid maintenance eating away at the interior
  • Damaged Push Belt, Pulleys and Bearing(s)

Need Hybrid Transmission Service?

Visit our expert mechanics at AAMCO St. Matthews. We will ensure your vehicle is running smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Our Hybrid Transmission Services Include:

  • Hybrid Transmission Repairs
  • Hybrid Transmission Rebuild
  • Hybrid Transmission Replacement
  • Hybrid Transmission Diagnostics
  • Hybrid Transmission Fluid Maintenance
  • Hybrid Transmission Valve Body Replacement

Transmission Fluid Maintenance

Our expert Hybrid vehicle mechanics can take care of all your transmission fluid needs. We can refill your vehicle with fresh, clean fluid and make any external adjustments to ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently and safely back on the road in no time at all. If you need any transmission services, make an appointment at AAMCO Louisville.

Benefits of Regular Hybrid Transmission Service

Hybrid transmission maintenance on a regular basis helps prevent early transmission failure. Because of the increased number of duties that hybrid transmissions handles, it can be incredibly expensive to entirely replace it. It is recommended to have the transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles. Using the incorrect motor oil, coolant or transmission fluid can cause serious damage to your vehicles components and may require a complete motor or transmission replacement to fix. If you think you may need transmission maintenance for your hybrid vehicle, schedule an appointment today to avoid potentially catastrophic failure.

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