Top 5 Car Repairs You Might Need Right Now

Keeping Your Car Maintained Is Key

Taking your car into the shop is never fun – and often stressful. You never know how much you will have to spend on car repairs but being proactive about car maintenance can keep costs down in the long run. Usually, you can tell when there’s something wrong with your car or the check engine light will come on with enough time to prevent real damage. Other times, you may have no idea until it’s too late. Here are just a few common car repairs to keep an eye out for…

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5 Car Repairs You Might Need Now

Oxygen (O2) Sensor

These sensors are part of your car’s emissions system and help control the ratio of air to fuel for optimal efficiency. If one or more of your O2 sensors are wearing out, you may notice poor fuel economy, a sputtering engine, or even trouble accelerating. Depending on how long you keep driving your car, the check engine light will eventually come on, signaling it is officially time to take your car to the shop.

Transmission Fluid Should Be Red/Pink In Hue

A New Battery

Most car batteries last about three years or 50,000 miles, though that can vary depending on your car. If you notice difficulty starting your car or using any electric functions, it may be time to get your battery checked and replaced. Winter can be especially hard on car batteries. If yours is nearing the end of its life, you will likely find a dead car battery on especially cold winter mornings.

New Spark Plugs

As easy as this car repair is, it also probably does not often come to mind when thinking about car maintenance. Symptoms of this problem can vary depending on which spark plug has worn out, but can include difficulty starting the car, a rough idle, lowered fuel efficiency, and trouble accelerating. Most of these issues will not seem like emergencies but the simple car service of new spark plugs can make a big difference in how your car runs. And if one spark plug is wearing out, there are likely more just around the corner so it’s usually a good idea to change them all at the same time.

Checking Transmission Fluid Can Determine If It Needs Changing

New Brake Pads and Rotors

Many people do not keep a close eye on their brake pads and that means brake repair service often gets put off until the last minute. You can easily check how worn your brake pads are, since they are typically visible on your car’s wheels. Often, necessary brake repairs go unnoticed until it is absolutely necessary because the wearing down of brake pads is so gradual. However, if you notice your brakes squeaking, it’s time to visit your local mechanic – and if you hear a grinding noise when you brake, then your brake pads are so worn that they are causing damage to your rotors. Don’t let this brake repair sneak up on you.

Brake Fluid Flush or Bleed

Along with new brake pads and rotors, it’s a good idea to get regular brake flushes to keep your car happy. One sign that you need a brake flush is a spongy brake pedal, in addition to difficulty stopping. Over time, brake fluid becomes increasingly dirty and contaminated and a brake flush will clear that out and replace it with new brake fluid. Your auto repair mechanic will most likely recommend a brake flush when you take your car in for new brake pads and rotors as part of a complete brake repair.

An alternative brake service is bleeding your brakes. However, bleeding will not replace all your brake fluid and is typically done when there is a problem with air bubbles in the system. Both services are relatively simple brake repairs but should be done regularly to prevent further damage to your car’s brake system

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Whether your car repair needs are simple or complex, our team of expert mechanics at AAMCO Louisville are here to help diagnose the problem and get you back on the road. Everything from brake repairs and flushes to a new battery, sensors, or spark plugs can all be easily fixed to keep you and your car happy. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call today to get any of your Louisville car repair needs taken care of.

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