Three Tell-Tale Signs Your Transmission is Failing

Worried about your transmission? Feeling an impending transmission repair can be scary. Most people dread hearing they need any kind of transmission repair because of the expense involved. Your transmission is a complex and essential part of your car, so it’s important to understand both what role it plays in keeping your car running and also the signs you’re at risk for transmission failure.

Don’t Ignore Your Transmission

If you’re worried about your transmission, the transmission experts at AAMCO Louisville are here to help. 

What Does Your Transmission Do?

Put simply, your car’s transmission is responsible for transferring power created in the engine out to your car’s wheels. Your transmission controls which gear your car is in at any given moment, whether by sensing the speed and necessary torque or by responding to your use of the clutch pedal and gear shift. Your engine and transmission are an essential team that keeps your car running.

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You Won’t Get Far if Your Transmission is Failing

While many systems in your car are important for performance, if either your engine or your transmission fails or is close to failing, you won’t be moving anywhere fast. A failing transmission will eventually mean that your vehicle cannot stay in gear at all and there’s the possibility this could happen while you’re driving. Your vehicle’s only problem could be that your automatic transmission is not retaining fluid with no other drivability problems. Over half the time, we discover that your transmission only requires a minor repair, especially if you don’t delay in making an appointment with AAMCO Louisville.

How Can You Tell Your Transmission is Failing?

There are a few key ways in which you can tell whether you may be looking at a failing transmission. If you notice any of these issues when driving your car, don’t ignore them. Even if transmission failure is still a ways out, that means a major transmission repair is preventable by having it addressed right away. Don’t risk a costly transmission repair and potential safety risk on the road just because you don’t want to spend the money now.

You Have Trouble Shifting Gears

You may notice difficulty with both changing gears and staying in gear if parts of your transmission are wearing out. This includes hesitation while putting your car into gear, slipping out of gear while driving, your car suddenly changing gears for no reason, or jerking when changing gears. You may also notice grinding when trying to shift gears if you have a manual transmission. Depending on what type of transmission you have, the necessary repair will vary somewhat but any time you’re noticing any of those symptoms, it’s a sure sign that you need to schedule a transmission repair service as soon as possible to prevent transmission failure.

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There Are Unusual Sounds Coming from Under Your Hood

No one wants to hear strange sounds coming from under the hood because it’s never a good sign. If you notice whining, buzzing or clunking while the engine is running, it could point to your transmission. In particular, extra noise while in neutral points to transmission trouble that needs to be addressed. While these signs could also point to a problem outside of your transmission, only an expert mechanic can accurately diagnose the problem so it can be repaired.

Problems with Your Transmission Fluid

There are a couple parts to this symptom. First, check under your car for drips. If you notice drip spots that are tinted red or smell sweet, it could be a transmission fluid leak. If your transmission fluid gets too low, you’re at risk for damage to the internal parts, as well as potentially overheating your transmission due to extra friction. Some cars allow you to check your transmission fluid the same way you’re able to look at engine oil. If this is the case, check the level and condition of your transmission fluid. If it looks dark or smells burnt, it’s time to schedule a transmission fluid flush.

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Secondly, if your transmission fluid is burning, you may smell it when getting out of your car. If you smell burning after parking your car, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your mechanic. Whether it’s your transmission fluid or engine oil, there’s definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.

Worried Your Transmission is Failing? Call AAMCO Louisville

If you’re worried about your transmission, the transmission experts at AAMCO Louisville are here to help. We’ll help find the cause of any problem you’re experiencing and take care of any necessary transmission repair.

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