5 Ways Oil Changes Lengthen The Life Of Your Car

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive possessions you can own in your lifetime. It’s also one of the most valuable properties that we depend on heavily to get from one point to the other. It is due to this that most people keep vehicles longer before trading them or upgrading than they did in the past.

One of the first and essential maintenance tasks you’ll learn about when you buy your first car is an oil change service. You’ll be told it is necessary to keep your vehicle running efficiently, expanding the life of your car. But like, any other human, you’ve probably questioned this advice – Can an oil change service help lengthen the life of your car or its just industry hype?

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Oil Care For All

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How Does an Oil Change Service Help Expand my Vehicle’s Lifespan?

According to our expert’s mechanics at AAMCO Louisville, regular oil change service will not only help keep your vehicle running for longer but will also help you cut down on repair costs. The following are a few reasons why routinely changing your car’s oil is essential for your car’s longevity.

Dipstick and oil checks

Maintains the right level of lubrication that your engine needs to run well.

Your engine consists of many moving parts, which help minimize wear and tear. Due to the speed at which they move, they create a lot of heat that would typically wear down the engine without sufficient lubrication to absorb the friction. Therefore, if your vehicle lacks the right amount of oil, the right kind of oil, or if it contains a lot of impurities, it will strain the engine, wearing out its components over a short period. To avoid straining your engine, schedule a routine car maintenance service every 3,000 miles or as recommended by your owner’s handbook.

Helps cool your engine

When there’s little lubrication, a lot of friction is created, which will lead to an overheating engine. An overheating engine is catastrophic and will cause irreparable damage resulting in engine replacement. Using the right quantities of oil and ensuring that it is clean will help prevent your engine from overheating.

Sludge and particle removal

It’s a challenging task trying to get rid of dirt from your engine. Dirt is one of the greatest enemies for your engine. Not routinely performing an oil change service will lead to a build-up of dust, which will, in turn, significantly shorten your vehicle’s lifespan. Dirt build-up in your engine over time will lead to sludge, which slows down the engine’s operation straining it. Routinely replacing your air filter and oil helps reduce the likelihood of sludge forming in your engine.

Gas mileage charge

Better gas mileage

According to the US Department of energy, routinely changing your oil and filters can improve your gas mileage by 1 to 2 % in a year. While this feels like a minimal improvement, you are not just keeping your vehicle healthy, but spending less on gas. Remember, if you don’t regularly change your oil, it increases the amount of gas your engine uses.


Routine oil changes help extend your engine’s lifespan

Routinely changing your oil and filters will increase the overall lifespan of your engine. Take away the hardships of overheating, friction, and excess wear and tear; you won’t put as much strain on your engine. This will allow your engine to work more efficiently over a long period. Also, regularly changing your oil will keep your engine running efficiently, increasing the resale value of your car.

AAMCO Louisville Oil Change Service

AAMCO Louisville is a regional leader when it comes to car maintenance and repair. We are the go-to auto repair center when it comes to transmission maintenance and repair. We also offer a range of auto repair services apart from your regular oil change service, including; brake system repair, engine tune-up service, suspension system service, factory recommended service and many more.

Routine oil change service for most car owners feels like extra expense and inconvenience. However, it helps you save money on gas increasing the lifespan of your car’s engine. AAMCO Louisville is a reputable auto maintenance center to take your vehicle to have your oil changed. Our expert technicians will also advise you on other services you might need along with your oil change. Call or contact us today for more details.

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