Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Working Order

Sometimes, it can feel like regular auto maintenance is a never-ending task. You change the oil, swap out your brakes, tune-up your engine, but it seems like you never catch a break. While it’s true that taking good care of a car takes plenty of effort in upkeep, even a little bit of effort goes a long way.

Keeping an eye on key systems in your car and basic auto repair services will keep your car running smoother for longer and save you money in the long run. Plus, you’re less likely to find yourself stranded on the side of the road. With these trusted tips recommended by our master mechanics, we guarantee that both you and your car will benefit from it. Likewise, you’ll end up spending a lot more time on the road, instead of pulled over on the side. 

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Essential Systems Benefit from Regular Car Maintenance

Taking care of all the working parts in your vehicle can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot going on but keeping your car in good working order is actually simpler than you may think. Paying attention to these few car repairs and auto maintenance services will ensure both you and your car are safe on the road. While they may seem trivial, they actually do a lot to keep your car running and you safe while driving on the road.

Road car repair

Regular Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

When oil becomes old and contaminated, it causes your engine to run rough, along with hurting your gas mileage and potentially causing damage to the inside of your engine. The more you drive, the more particles accumulate in the oil and if you drive in dusty or dirty conditions, that can accelerate contamination, too. Keep an eye on your oil level and don’t procrastinate when it comes to getting your oil and filter changed.

Oil Changes & checks

Check for dead battery warning signs

It’s hard to notice when you turn on your car and your engine cranks slowly. In most cases, this is a sign of a faulty battery. Another common symptom of a dying battery is turning on your headlights when your car is not running; if they are dim, your car battery could be on its way out. In some rare cases, the battery will not show any signs, but your vehicle will suddenly be unable to turn. After a jump start, it might work correctly but fail again shortly. When this happens, contact your local AAMCO Louisville mechanic for a battery replacement service.

Electrical Problems Can Wear Out Your Battery

It’s easy to double-check that you turned off your headlights and overhead lights before you leave your car for the night. However, it’s also a good idea to take a look at your battery from time to time. The connections can accumulate rust and dirt, which can make it more difficult for your car’s battery to properly charge and power your car. Especially if you start noticing issues with your car starting or lights dimming, take an extra look at your battery and the connected cables to see if there’s an issue.

Battery service

Tune-Ups Ensure All Essential Systems are Working Well

To ensure that all essential systems in your car are working properly, it’s a good idea to keep up with regular tune-up services. This is a service that can often go overlooked because many people don’t understand what’s involved and why it’s important. Any good tune-up service should check everything that impacts fuel combustion in your car’s engine, including checking the spark plugs. If you’re overdue for a tune-up, you’re likely to notice problems while your engine is running, as well as worse fuel economy.

AAMCO Louisville is Here for Your Car Maintenance Needs

No matter what auto repair services your car needs, the mechanics at AAMCO Louisville have you covered. Whether you need an oil change, tune-up, or a more serious car repair, you can trust us to get you back on the road. From diagnosing the problem of repairing it, our mechanics have the training, knowledge, and experience to accurately fix any issue.

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