The Most Common Signs of Transmission Failure

Have you noticed changes in how your car drives? If you’re worried about your car, you may be wondering what you may be getting into when you take it to a mechanic. Pay attention to which signs and symptoms you notice with your car. In particular, there are a few signs to look out for that could indicate you could be dealing with transmission failure in the near future.

Anytime you’re worried about your car’s transmission, it’s important to have a trusted mechanic like those at your local AAMCO Louisville inspect your vehicle and handle any needed repairs.

Trouble When Shifting Gears

Some of the most common signs of transmission problems happen around gear shifts. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, you’re probably familiar with how it should feel when your car shifts up or down a gear. If you notice a change, it’s time to get your car to a trusted mechanic to have your car’s transmission inspected.

shifting grinding gears

Clunking or Grinding

You likely know shifting gears should be smooth and silent – if you hear clunking or grinding instead, it’s a good indication of transmission trouble. The good news is you may need a simple transmission fluid service, but even if that’s the case, low or old transmission fluid can cause much bigger repairs if left ignored for too long.

Difficulty Shifting or Inability to Shift Gears

If you’ve had trouble shifting gears lately, it’s probably not a user error. Difficulty shifting gears can mean there’s a problem with your transmission fluid or other moving parts in the transmission. If that progresses to an inability to shift gears, not only will it make driving difficult, it could also be an indication of transmission failure.

Delayed Response to Shifting Gears

When you shift gears, it should feel smooth and your car should respond right away with a change in power. Instead, if there’s a delay before a gear engages, it indicates a problem with your transmission. Whether you need new transmission fluid or there’s a more serious transmission repair looming, the sooner you get your car to a trusted mechanic, the better.

Don’t Ignore Bad Transmission Symptoms While Driving

Aside from changes in gear shifts, you may notice other signs of transmission trouble while driving. Pay attention to how your car drives and take note if you experience any of these symptoms. While they can indicate a number of car problems, it’s possible the underlying cause has to do with your car’s transmission and could lead to transmission failure if ignored.

Sudden Hesitation or Revving

Have you noticed a sudden lack of power? Or maybe your engine suddenly revs sometimes? Both of these symptoms can indicate a slipping transmission. When this happens, your car has slipped out of the desired gear and into neutral or another gear. Transmission slipping can be caused by a number of transmission problems, ranging from a simple fix to a more serious transmission repair. A trusted mechanic can ensure your transmission problems don’t escalate.

Increased Noise in Neutral

Think about how your car sounds and feels when you shift into Park or Neutral before shutting off your car. Are there any strange sounds like bumping or clunking? This can be an indication of transmission problems, such as too much or too little transmission fluid. You can check your transmission fluid level and condition at home and make adjustments, but use caution – and it’s always best to have a mechanic check your transmission, too.

A Burning Smell

Smell burning while driving? Depending on the timing, it can indicate a number of car problems, including possible transmission trouble. If your transmission fluid is too low or your transmission is overheating, it can cause a burning smell that makes it to you in the cabin of your car. Check your transmission fluid level and condition and schedule a transmission service with your mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Check your parking spot for signs of any leaking car fluids. While it can be tricky to figure out which fluid is leaking without full diagnostic work, any sign of fluid leaks is a good reason to get your car to a mechanic. If transmission fluid is leaking, the level can become too low, leading to overheating and damage to moving parts – eventually leading to possible transmission failure.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Modern cars have dashboard warning lights for a reason. If you see your car’s Check Engine Light come on, it’s time to get your car to a trusted mechanic. Your mechanic will be able to check for trouble codes, which help point them in the right direction for any repairs that will get your car running smoothly again.

Trust AAMCO Transmission Repair Shops with Your Next Car Service

Worried about your car’s transmission? Or due for a transmission maintenance service? Whichever service your car needs, the transmission experts at your local AAMCO Louisville auto shop are here to help keep all of your car’s systems running their best. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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