Essential Car Maintenance to Help Prevent Transmission Repairs

A healthy transmission is a happy car owner. How can you help keep your vehicle’s transmission in great shape? It comes down to a combination of car maintenance services and good driving habits, but each of these can help keep your transmission healthier for longer. If extending the life of your vehicle is your goal, transmission health is key, since engine and transmission repairs can be some of the most expensive you may encounter as a car owner. If you’re worried about your car’s transmission or it’s time for a car maintenance service, you can trust the mechanics at your local AAMCO Louisville auto repair shop with your vehicle.

A Healthy Transmission Means Maintenance Services for Several Systems

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle and keep your car as healthy as possible, car maintenance is key. Check your owner’s manual for your car’s recommended car maintenance schedule and stick to it as closely as possible. When it comes to your transmission’s health, there are certain maintenance services that are even more important than the rest.

Regular Transmission Fluid Replacement Services

Your car’s transmission relies on fresh transmission fluid to operate properly. Over time, transmission fluid picks up debris and contaminants as it cycles through the transmission, which thickens it and makes it less effective. If it becomes over-contaminated, it can lead to a number of noticeable transmission problems, including difficulty shifting gears and slipping gears.

Keep up with regular transmission replacement services at regular intervals and you’ll help keep your transmission healthy. Plus, you’ll notice an improvement in your car’s performance each time, too.

Regular Engine Oil Changes

The engine and transmission work closely together. That means if you want to keep your transmission healthy, you also need to think about your engine. Keep up with regular oil change services as recommended by your manufacturer and mechanic. Not only will your engine be healthier and work better, but your transmission will also thank you.

Most importantly, if your engine begins to overheat from low or old engine oil, it can cause your transmission to overheat, too, causing damage to both essential systems.

Cooling System Maintenance

In order for your engine to stay at a healthy operating temperature, the cooling system needs to be able to work its best. And because your car’s engine and transmission work so closely together, an overheating engine can cause similar problems with the transmission. Coolant should be replaced at regular intervals, as recommended by your manufacturer, and keeping up with those cooling system maintenance services will also help keep your transmission healthy.

Your Driving Habits Can Help Keep a Healthy Transmission

Second, to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule, you can help your transmission by paying attention to your driving habits. It may surprise you to hear that your driving habits play a big role in the health of your car’s transmission and certain things are more likely to cause expensive transmission repairs when done repeatedly over time.

Let Your Car Fully Stop Before Shifting Gears

If you rush to shift back into Drive from Reverse when backing out of a parking spot, you’re not alone – but you may also be causing extra wear on your car’s transmission. Because it requires completely reversing the direction of motion, shifting between these specific gears is extra hard on your car’s transmission. This is especially true if you don’t shift appropriately.

Tone Back Your Lead Foot

The more you rev, the more you wear out your engine and transmission. If you often find yourself getting heavy-footed with your gas pedal, try to lighten up a little. While you may not notice an immediate impact on your transmission, this sort of wear and tear adds up over time and can lead to more transmission repairs down the line.

Use Moderation When Towing Heavy Loads

Along the same lines, towing heavy loads can cause extra wear on your transmission. While some cars are built to tow, it’s important to pay attention to your manufacturer’s recommended towing weights, no matter what car you drive. These recommended towing weights help keep your transmission and other essential systems as healthy as possible.

Time for Transmission Maintenance or Repairs? Visit Your Local AAMCO

Whatever your car’s transmission needs, the mechanics at your local AAMCO Louisville transmission shop are here to help. From regular maintenance to diagnostics and repairs, you can count on us to keep your vehicle as healthy as possible – for as long as possible. Give us a call or easily schedule your appointment online!

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