Always Ask Your Louisville Transmission Mechanic These 2 Questions

A healthy transmission starts with the relationship between the driver and the mechanic. Having a trusted mechanic to turn to with questions and problems can make a world of difference in the health and lifespan of your car’s transmission. In particular, there are a couple of key questions to discuss with your mechanic that can help keep your car’s transmission performing its best.

Come to your local AAMCO Louisville transmission repair shop and our expert mechanics will help guide you through how to care for your car’s key systems, including the transmission, and ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

What Common Signs Indicate a Potentially Serious Transmission Repair?

Your mechanic can advise you as to which signs and symptoms you should never ignore. Knowing what to look out for can help you prioritize maintenance and repair services and keep your car’s systems in their best working condition. Some early signs of transmission trouble are easy to ignore or push down the to-do list when you don’t realize what they could mean for your vehicle. Instead, work with your mechanic to ensure no major transmission repairs go ignored for too long.

Difficulty or Inability to Shift Gears

An early sign of transmission problems can be difficulty shifting gears, especially in and out of Reverse. Gradually, this will increase with time, potentially impacting more gears. Eventually, it may even become impossible to shift into gear. When caught early, this can be a simple transmission repair for your mechanic to take care of but left ignored for too long, it can turn into a more serious and costly transmission repair.

Slipping Gears

Another common sign of transmission problems is slipping gears, which can show up as a sudden rev or hesitation while driving. This is when your car suddenly slips out of gear. When your transmission slips up or down, it causes your engine to rev or suddenly hesitate respectively. This is due to a shift in the amount of power transferred by the transmission.

Grinding When Shifting Gears

A third common sign your car may need a transmission repair is grinding when shifting gears. A healthy transmission should shift gears smoothly and quietly. Whether you hear grinding or another new sound when your car shifts gears, it’s important not to push them aside as no big deal. Typically, these sounds are an indication that there’s friction happening between two parts in the transmission that should not be touching, which is causing extra wear and damage.

How Can Major Transmission Repairs Be Prevented?

A good starting point for car care is to consult your owner’s manual. However, having a trusted mechanic you can turn to for advice can help fine-tune the manufacturer’s recommendations. The key to extending the life of your vehicle and keeping your car’s transmission healthy is keeping up with regular car maintenance services that ensure key systems in your car run their best. Your mechanic can help advise you as to how you can adjust your manufacturer’s recommended schedule based on your driving habits and conditions so that your transmission stays healthier for longer.

Regular Maintenance Allows Your Transmission Mechanic to Inspect Your Car

Not only does regular maintenance help keep key systems such as the transmission working smoothly, but it also allows your mechanic the opportunity to inspect your vehicle for any other needed repairs. Often, you may be dealing with transmission trouble or issues with other essential systems, but they aren’t yet presenting noticeable symptoms. These maintenance services allow your mechanic to catch auto repairs before they escalate.

Pay Attention to Your Driving Habits

Finally, your mechanic can help advise you as to how your driving habits may be impacting your car’s transmission health. Things like city driving or stop-and-go traffic may be unavoidable, but aggressive driving and towing frequent heavy loads can also cause extra wear on the transmission. When you can’t avoid these habits, you can also help your transmission by carrying out maintenance services more frequently.

Visit Your Local AAMCO Louisville Transmission Shop for Any Auto Repair

You can always trust an AAMCO Louisville transmission repair service to get you and your car safely back on the road again. Keeping your car’s transmission healthy is a team effort between you and your mechanic and the transmission experts at your local AAMCO are here to help. Give us a call today or easily schedule an appointment online.

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